Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Make Money Online Using Your Blog

Want to make money online? Blogging is the best possible way out being a very simple practice and spanking one out in today’s business. There are thousands of people who find it fun to start a blog and make money online.

Blogs are nothing but a website like an online magazine or diary which needs to be kept updated. It actually has a specific topic to be discussed about like in a discussion forum. Wordpress and bloggers are two most common programs that are used to construct blogs. Quality content of a blog is one thing that attracts the attention of the readers. Customization and Personalization of blogs also makes it useful to bring it in the eyes of readers. But if your intention is purely to earn money through blogging, then content writing cannot alone serve the purpose.

For the approach of earning income, you have to not only write content and wait for your money to come in but also have to sell some related products, services etc. To cut out short there are easy ways to make money online through blogs.

Tips to make money from your blog

Here are few tips you can use to make money from your blog.

CPC programs:
There are various networks that one can use on CPC. The most common of all is the Google Adsense. A few alternatives are AdBrite, Chitika etc. These are large appropriate advertising networks, a way through which you can allocate parts of your blog for various advertisements.

Here just you need to sign up with those networks, ask for code to display ads and wait for the money to come in. The ad networks scan the article, then find relevant ad according to the written content and display those ads beside the articles. This makes the article content and process much more understandable to the reader. Google Adsense pays on per click basis.

Direct Advertising:
Here there will be no need of involving a third party. The bloggers can directly negotiate with the one who is interested to put an ad over the blog. The interested advertisers will directly contact the bloggers in case where the bloggers provides advertising space on their websites. It can be graphic advertisement or some text advertisement of a link to the other site. But in either way, the blogger needs to first develop its audience then try to attract advertisers.

Affiliate marketing:
Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn income through blogs. For this the blogger just needs to have information regarding how to get started over it and what program he/she needs to sign up for the same. It is the best way to make more money without doing many efforts. You just need to be in contact with the community or society on a regular basis which will make it easier to sell of affiliate products to them, specially the once required by them. is a great site for affiliate product selling. It provides the details of product you want to sell. Be sure to have the one with great goodwill and good payout. It can give you up to 80% commission, but it is the case with some products, not all. There is no kind of overhead or delivery cost involved here; the blogger just get the commission part once the sale is completed. It is actually promoting other people’s product. Amazon, Linkshare are some of the examples of larger affiliate programs.

Blog marketing:
After direct advertising, blog marketing is a way out to earn more money online by monetizing your blogs. It helps to link various sites to your blogs. It joins bloggers with various companies. But the thing to be kept in mind during blog marketing is the reputation of the site the blogger is providing link of. The reason behind this is that- linking with the site having bad reputation can not only spoil the bloggers reputation in front of readers but also for the search engines.

Social marketing:
Popularize your blogs over social sites, this will help you to build a strong audience and readers who would like to read your contents and promotions if made appropriately. The resultant will increase the level of social media activities on your site leading to a higher ranking level in search engine results.

Selling own products and other Merchandise:
The various websites connect the bloggers and companies who want and are interested in selling their product through online support. The bloggers can write product details and reviews and can earn revenue in return.

Other than products, other type of stuffs referred to as merchandise can also be a part of this. Bloggers can make it useful be selling merchandise without actually manufacturing it. No inventory or shipping charges are involved. But they could earn a percentage of income through the sales of the merchandise. This involves the existence of third party in the transaction to some extent.

One of the other alternatives is selling your own product. If you have an offline business other than blog writing then you can advertise your own product and increase the sale of the product which in turn will help you earn more income. If not involved in any business, then especially for student bloggers one can write an eBook on some present evolving trends and advertise its sale on your blogs. This will help to earn income from other than having blogging income.

One can add donation button to the blog through PayPal. You need to sign up for PayPal account, get a code to link your account and copy paste the code on your blog. Once the code is inserted on the blog the donation button is created and when the visitor clicks on the donation button, the reader or visitor is taken to the personal PayPal donation page. And finally the money deposited by the visitors will be deposited in the bank account directly. However this does not help to make much income but is a supportive step.

The blogger can propose consulting services to other people and business. This would help the people use the expertise of the bloggers, their knowledge and implement in a useful way in their particular tasks. To take an example, the blogger can advice people for writing a successful blog or developing a blog to attract audience etc. This helps in return to earn a supportive income.

In this way you can monetize your blogs and earn a high income and fulfill your wish of earning or making money online upto your best possible efforts.

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