Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tips for Writing Guest Posts on Other Blogs

You may wonder reading that several popular brands have got advantages through guest blogs. So here in this post, we will give you some important points to write great guest posts. Before starting to learn how to write guest posts, lets have a quick look on the benefits. The common benefits of writing guest posts are:
  1. Get position as a popular brand
  2. More popularity and spread your information
  3. Quality backlinks
You can achieve the above benefits by posting content on the popular blogs. For this you need to search for blogs that have adequate audience and size. If you are familiar with your goals, you can find the relevant blogs that can prove to be suitable for your guest posts.
  1. At first you need to determine guest post chances. Always find the relevant blogs to your niche.
  2. Google is the best search engine to find the blogs for your guest posts. Search using the keywords like "guest post", "submit a guest post", "accepting guest posts", "guest post guidelines" etc to approach the blogs that accept guest posts made by other people.
  3. Are you familiar with the productive guest blogger in your niche? Research about the productive bloggers in your industry. It will be advantageous as you’ll get recommendations of other bloggers too.
  4. If you research on the backlinks history of your competitors then you’ll come to know that they get significant percentage of backlinks from guest posts. Just check out the backlink source of them, it will be clear to you.
  5. Many bloggers and guest posters share their posts on the social networks. Twitter is the best source to search and get the latest tweets in your niche. Follow those links to know about the blogs that allow guest posts.
  6. MyBlogGuest is a group of guest bloggers where you can register free and find blogs that allow guest posts. However it is good to create own information on your need to write guest posts for a specific need. Then bloggers can help you in find out.
  7. Also, once you find a relevant blog, you need to follow few guidelines before making your post.

  8. i) Type of content written by the bloggers.

    i) You should be familiar with the type of content of your target blog. You may be familiar with the basic of content type mentioned in the blog but there are also other factors you should be familiar with: type of audience the blogger has such as general customers or business to business customers.

  9. Sometimes, blogs offer guest posts but these are not for social sharing or posts on website. In such case guest post may not work well if you want to create solid image or attract traffic to your website.
  10. Some kinds of blogs allow guest posts written by specific range of folks like freelancer, business consultant and bloggers. This is vital to know when you introduce your purpose to guest post on the particular blog.
  11. In order to get your guest post approved, you need to follow the pitch of the blog owner that he uses for his audience.
  12. It is important to get identified from the blogger list. This helps you more in getting your posts approved. This can be done by posting on their latest posts on regular basis instead of doing spam.
  13. When the blog owner includes your business, posts on social media or approves another guest post, it is the best chance to create the guest post.
The final aspect you should know that before contacting the blog owner, you should read complete guest post guidelines to get your application accepted.

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